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Steven Universe - I Think You're Pretty Great... by Khan-the-cake-lover
Steven Universe - I Think You're Pretty Great...
This series just got even better y'all...

Moments like these are what makes a show great to me, and I'm so glad this show has taken this turn.
It was pretty good in the beginning, but now I love it!

Timelapse coming up soon Timelapse is now up HERE

Please leave a comment below! It's highly appreciated.

[Edit:] I just realized I accidentally signed this as if it was made in 2014, when it was obviously supposed to be 2015. Whoops! ^^
Jade Harley And Becquerel - Cosmic Rays by Khan-the-cake-lover
Jade Harley And Becquerel - Cosmic Rays
You know, normally I don't spend an entire afternoon working on an image. Actually, I don't normally start drawing until somewhere around midnight! But I suppose today was some exception.
While this is not the first time I've drawn Jade, I don't regret picking her once again for my subject, because god damn I love drawing her.

Jade Harley and Becquerel belong to Andrew Hussie, creator of Homestuck!

Please give me a comment below and tell me what you think!
Remake - Sneaky f***ers - [2010 - 2015] by Khan-the-cake-lover
Remake - Sneaky f***ers - [2010 - 2015]
This is a remake of the very old image I made with the same name from 2010:

Minecraft - Sneaky f---ers

Please leave your opinions and critiques (even if they are disabled) below!
Steven Universe - Garnet by Khan-the-cake-lover
Steven Universe - Garnet
Felt like drawing something to practice colors and poses. Decided to draw Garnet coming right at you. So yeah, you better start running.
Steven Universe Garnet (Roll Away) 

By the way, the aspect ratio is approximately 16:9. So this would theoretically work as a widescreen wallpaper if you're interested. I
might do the other crystal gems as well in a similar manner sometime when I get the time :).

All comments are appreciated!
Steven Universe - I'm gonna show it to you by Khan-the-cake-lover
Steven Universe - I'm gonna show it to you
Soooo guess who found a new show :>!


I can honestly say that I really like Pearl so far. She does come of as a bit annoying sometimes, especially when she isn't able to take blame or responsibility over her own actions. But I personally think and hope that those are areas will evolve as her character grows, as it should in a good series (afterall, the show is still very young)! What I do like about her is the maternal part of her that always cares about Steven (almost too much sometimes). It almost broke my heart seeing her in this episode (Space Race) when she felt so desperate to show Steven the stars that she almost blew them both up.

I've heard about Steven Universe for quite some time now, but only recently did I decide to watch it. I watched together with some friends and we all had some mixed opinions. Some felt neutral while others felt the episodes had a bit too many problems. And I can totally agree with a lot of those. Personally however, I still enjoy the series for what it is, and that is a bunch of charming adventures following a kid and his three extraterrestrial guardians :>!

What excites me most about the series however, is the potential. It truly does have the potential of going places that honestly remind me of some of the shows I already like, such as adventure time. All I can do now is hope that it does go there.

Hope you guys like it! Please comment whether you do or don't :)!
Wowzah! I didn't even notice when I passed 6000 and here we are! 7000 pageviews is a lot to me so thank you all so much!

I'm writing this just as I published a new image right here on dA, which made me realize how rarely I upload stuff. I should draw more, but it's hard when you have little motivation and/or inspiration. 
This latest drawing came from the fact that I lost my internet a couple of days ago and figured that since I had nothing to do I should start drawing. Oddly enough that was enough motivation to make me finish the whole thing and make a speedpaint of it on youtube! You can check that one out here:…

Thanks to all of you who have stuck with me for this time and I hope that one day I'll be able to draw on a more regular basis.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm a 18 year old guy living in Sweden. Drawing to me is a hobby which I hold dear. It's something I find fun when I feel like I can accomplish it. While I do love drawing it's not what I believe I will work with, or enjoy working with as an adult. Illustrating ideas is still a great skill.

What do I draw?

I mostly draw whatever is in my current interests. Like the characters from a game, or a tv-series.

Current Residence: I'm not really sure myself..
Operating System: Windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: Rainbow Dash
Personal Quote: If you can't beat em... Fight em' anyway and see how that turns out for ya...

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